Tyvek® & AirGuard®


The Ultimate Energy Efficiency Solution

For superior performance and reliability, Tyvek® is the name you can trust. At the heart of building solutions for decades and with a global network. Tyvek® and AirGuard® - your guarantee of unbeatable energy efficiency.

AirGuard® FR System Tape

(Roll size) 75mm x 25m

DuPont™ AirGuard® FR System Tape is a fire retardant, single-sided tape, with A2 Fire Class to EN 13501. Specially formulated for use with DuPont™ AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL for sealing all horizontal and vertical laps and around penetrations.

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Tyvek® AirGuard® Smart

1.5m x 50m

The smart vapour control layer made of Tyvek® with an extreme range of variable vapour resistance that allows to prevent structural damage and loss of insulation efficiency.

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AirGuard® Control

1.5m x 50m; 2.8m x 50m

A vapour control layer with a low sd value that allows limited vapour transmission, especially recommended on mineral wool, wood fibre, cellulose fibre and other breathable insulation materials.

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AirGuard® Reflective

1.50m x 50m

Extremely strong and robust metallised vapour closed membrane that boosts the thermal efficiency of the building.

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AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL

1.2m x 50m

This Class A2 fire retardant AVCL membrane enhances the building fabric in terms of airtightness, energy efficiency and moisture management, improving indoor air quality and providing exceptional fire safety to the building and its occupants.

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Tyvek® Double-sided Tape

50mm x25m; 20mm x25m

Double-sided acrylic tape for bonding Tyvek® membranes and to provide a temporary fixing of AirGuard® vapour control layers.

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Tyvek® Acrylic Tape

75mm, 60mm x 25m; 60mm x 25m with split liner

Single-sided Tyvek® acrylic tape with or without a split-release liner. It seals Tyvek® membranes as well as AirGuard® membranes with proven performance.

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Tyvek® Butyl Tape

20mm x 30mm; 50mm x30mm

Double-sided butyl based tape used to form a moisture and airtight seal between a Tyvek® membrane or an AirGuard® vapour control layer and most commonly used building materials.

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Tyvek® Metallised Tape

75mm x 25m

Single-sided metallised Tyvek® Tape to seal Tyvek® and AirGuard® metallised membranes.

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Tyvek® FlexWrap EZ & NF Tape

60 mm x 10 m, 154.4 x 22.90 m

High performance flexible self-adhesive flashing tape to create an airtight and water tight seal around windows, doors, chimney breasts, pipe penetrations and any custom shapes.

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AirGuard® Sealant


Cartridge sealant for bonding of AirGuard® vapour control layers to various solid construction surfaces to achieve an airtight seal. Also suitable for joint filling and ideal for use in confined areas where an adhesive tape is difficult to apply, such as corners of windows and doors.

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Tyvek® Primer


Transparent primer that is permanently tacky after curing and with very fast curing time. It is recommended for porous surfaces to create a good adhesion.

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AirGuard® Tape

60mm x 25m

High performance airtight tape that is extremely flexible and hand-tearable. Its high tack sticks to smooth or rough surfaces such as PE films, spun-bond, wood or PVC. It is especially recommended where difficult shapes need to be sealed, such as corners, edges, etc.

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Tyvek® Window Tape

80mm x 25m; 150mm x 25m

A high performance airtight and moisture adaptive carrier tape that can be rendered. It seals difficult areas like windows, doors and timber to block connections. Suitable for internal and external application.

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DuPont™ Froth-Pak™ 180 QR/SR Kit

Two steel tanks in carton box (11.88kg)

Professional spray foam system for insulation and air leakage control in the building envelope.

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DuPont™ Insta Stik™

750ml can

Flexible one component PU adhesive system for airtight and thermal bridge-free window installation. When insulating the window gap with this durable, flexible adhesive, it is not necessary to apply an interior airtight tape.

DuPont™ Insta Stik™ Flex +

750ml can

Permanently flexible, durable and airtight foam for window & door sealing applications that doesn’t require an interior tape.

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DuPont™ Insta Stik™ Multi-Purpose Fast Cure

750ml can

Multi-purpose gun foam adhesive for use with different types of substrates.

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DuPont™ Great Stuff™ All Direction Straw Foam

150ml, 300ml, 500ml and 750ml cans

Great Stuff™ All Directions Polyurethane Foam Sealant allows applications throughout 360° due to the flexible applicator nozzle.

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DuPont™ Great Stuff™ Pro Fire Rated Foam

750ml cans

Great Stuff™ Fire Rated Acoustic Polyurethane Foam Sealant that is acoustic and fire rated.

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DuPont™ Great Stuff™ Pro Fixer Window & Door

750ml cans

Great Stuff™ Pro Windows & Doors low expansion Polyurethane Foam Sealant quickly and cleanly fills, seals and insulates around windows and doors and their rough openings.

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DuPont™ Great Stuff™ Pro Gaps & Cracks

750ml cans

Great Stuff™ Pro Gaps & Cracks low expansion Polyurethane Foam Sealant quickly and cleanly fills, seals and insulates in different building materials.

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Airtight Sealing Collars Tyvek®

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LiquidArmor™ CM

310ml cartridge

Water-based one component liquid sealant used in window installation. LiquidArmor™ CM is applied to the outside of an insulated window joint to provide driving rain resistance and UV protection

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